Vilna My Vilna: Stories by Abramham Karpinowitz

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"Criminals, dreamers and performers . . . make their way through Karpinowitz’s pages in pungent, unforgettable characterizations; and their fates—often tragic, often brutal, and not only because of the Nazi murder machine, though very often because of it—imbue every page with a sentiment that is all the more powerful by it being earned through careful literary technique and scene craft. The read is smooth, except when it should be rough; it preserves local flavor."—Jeremy Dauber, Atran Professor of Yiddish Language, Literature, and Culture, Columbia University

Abraham Karpinowitz published nine books in Yiddish. His work has been translated into Hebrew, Polish, Russian, and German. Helen Mintz is an internationally acclaimed solo artist, storyteller, and translator based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Paperback 2015

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