Tsilke the Wild Paperback by Zusman Segalovitsh

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Translated by Daniel Kennedy

The free spirited, 19-year-old Tsilke has spent her whole life in the forest, but what happens when the outside world, with its strange rules and social obligations, begins to encroach on her sylvan idyll? Segalovitsh's 1922 novel which scandalized and entertained a generation of Polish Jewish readers and left its mark on the popular imagination cemented his position as one of the most popular Yiddish writers of the interwar period.

"Segalovitsh [...] is unfailingly in dialogue with his own shadow." - Itsik Manger

"Packed with emotions." - Rokhl Korn "Incomparable [...] Segalovitsh doesn't write like the rest of us." - Yehoshua Perle

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