Too Many Golems by Jane Yolen

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Award-winning author Jane Yolen brings us a delightfully humorous tale inspired by Jewish folklore of a well-intentioned but mischievous boy who accidentally summons ten golems.
The rabbi’s son, Abi, has a habit of getting in trouble. It’s not on purpose, and usually, they’re harmless accidents. But this time, Abi has stolen a scroll from the synagogue—to practice his Hebrew!—and is not ready for what, or rather, who will show up at his front door as a result.

The golems Abi summons may look monstrous, but we soon learn they are only there to help! With beloved author Jane Yolen's signature wit and delightful illustrations by Maya Shleifer, 
Too Many Golems conveys the unexpected joy of magical accidents and the importance of being a good neighbor to all.

A REIMAGINED JEWISH TALE: A fresh spin on a classic Jewish folktale reinvents the original narrative into one that emphasizes kindness, community, and friendship. Readers will laugh along as, instead of battling enemies, these golems tackle an even stronger foe: Hebrew lessons!

ENCOURAGING MESSAGE: With a deep understanding that learning any new skill can be a difficult and even anxiety-inducing experience, this story acknowledges every struggle and reassures readers that even without the help of magical creatures, their goals can be achieved through perseverance.
IMAGINATIVE & FUNNY: Brought to life by two Jewish creators, author Jane Yolen and illustrator Maya Schleifer, this comical story of a boy who means well but can't seem to stay out of trouble will delight parents and kids with its charming illustrations, witty text, and pure imagination. 

CELEBRATES KINDNESS: Readers will find a warm message that showcases the importance of showing kindness to everyone, regardless of where they come from or what language they speak.

PERFECT FOR COMING-OF-AGE CELEBRATIONS: The outrageous tale of Abi's battle with Hebrew is one that many Jewish children will relate to as they begin Hebrew school or embark on their Bar/Bat Mitzvah journey, making this an essential pick for parents and gift-givers.

ages 5-8

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