The Yiddish Cinema, from the archives of the National Center for Jewish Film DVD

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Documentary Film/DVD

Narrated by prolific playwright David Mamet, this film is a perfect way to introduce new audiences to Yiddish cinema. Nourished by Yiddish literature and theater, Yiddish film production in Eastern Europe and the United States flourished between the two world wars. The Yiddish Cinema traces the history of the genre through interviews, archival photographs and film clips of many of the NCJF's Yiddish feature films.

In addition, the film discusses the reasons for the decline of Yiddish cinema, including the Holocaust, the Stalinist suppression of Jewish culture in the Soviet Union, and America's demands for assimilation among its new immigrants.

USA, 1991, 60 minutes B&W/Color
Directed by Rich Pontius

Executive Producers: Henry Felt and Sharon Pucker Rivo
Producer: Moshe Waldoks
German TV ZDF Production: Ronny Loewy, Hans Peter Kochenrath, Walter Schobert

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