The Wholesale Klezmer Band: Prayer For a Broken World

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  1. Khisidim tants (Dance of the Chassidim)
  2. Avrom Tate (sound sample 340k) (Abraham Papa) words and music by Yosl Kurland
  3. Milkhome gemish (War Medley)
  4. The Spear and the Needle (Di shpiz un di nodl) translated by Yosl Kurland
  5. Rumeynishe khosidl (Romanian Dance)
  6. The Magic Ring/Bosnian tune
  7. Kadsheynu (Sanctify Us)
  8. Tfile far a tsebrokhener velt (Prayer for a Broken World) words and music by Yosl Kurland
  9. Hineni (Here I Am) music by Sherry Mayrent
  10. The Chassidic Kaddish
  11. Khevre nit gezorgt (sound sample 238k (Friends, Don't Worry)

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