The Guide to Jewish Interfaith Family Life : An Handbook 1st Edition by Ronnie Friedland and Edmund Case

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Practical ideas, wisdom, and encouragement on strengthening interfaith relationships from the experts―those involved in and with them.

“This is a book about my family. And about your family, too. But truly, this is a book about the entire Jewish community and its future…. A generation ago, my family constellation might have been seen as an aberration. Today we are typical. Which is why this book is so timely, and so important. The essays in this book describe the life and challenges of the Jewish family at the start of the twenty-first century. And although there are dilemmas and problems on these pages, there are also helpful strategies and spiritual epiphanies. There is wisdom, humor, and hope.”
―from the Foreword by 
Anita Diamant

In this first-of-its-kind resource, Jewish and non-Jewish members of interfaith families ―grandparents, parents, children, dating and committed couples, Jews-by-Choice, and extended family members―and the rabbis, cantors, family educators, and outreach professionals who work with them, offer you their own first-hand experience. An ideal gift, this book offers essential support for families of any constellation who are exploring Jewish life while respecting the heritage and traditions of those they love.

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