The Collected Plays of Israel Aszendorf, edited by Alexander Ashendorf

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This is a second revised edition. The first edition has been discontinued. This is a first time translation from Yiddish, of the collected works of the poet, playwright, storyteller, and Y.L. Peretz prize winner Israel Aszendorf (1909-1956) This third volume contains the collected Plays. volumes I contains the Collected Stories and volume II contains the collected poems The book has two parts: the first part consists of his two Biblical plays, 'King Saul', (winner of the Y.L. Peretz prize), and 'King David'. (The third play of this trilogy 'King Solomon' was never published, due to the author's untimely death) the second part consists of his one act plays. The material had been assembled edited and translated from Yiddish by his son Alexander Ashendorf, from various books and publications, and ‘never before’ published manuscripts.

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