The Art of Passover by Stephan O. Parnes

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The Art of Passover is the ideal presentation as a hostess gift at a seder. Full of ritual riches, The Art of Passover is an exquisite compilation of a cherished celebration to be passed down from generation to generation.

For thousands of years, Jewish families have gathered to celebrate the eight days of Passover and commemorate the liberation of Jews from slavery in Egypt by reading the Haggadah at the seder. Illustrated with dozens of stunning artifacts representing hundreds of years of this special observance, The Art of Passover resonates with the joyful spirit of the holiday and the devotion of those who celebrate it.

Gathered from across the centuries and around the world, this collection of Passover art and objects is at once a breathtaking visual treasury and a fascinating chronicle of Jewish life from the Middle Ages to the present day. Featured are illustrations from some of the most beautiful Haggadahs ever crafted, from the German Bird's Head Haggadah and the Spanish Golden Haggadah of the fourteenth century to those illustrated by contemporary artists such as painter Ben Shahn. A seder plate used in the concentration camp at Terezin is a moving reminder of the darkest period in Jewish history.

Rabbi Stephen O. Parnes offers insightful explanations of the religious, biblical, and historical symbols found in the pieces. Entertaining and informative commentaries by Bonnie-Dara Michaels and Gabriel M. Goldstein examine the works from an artistic perspective, complementing the illustrations and enhancing our appreciation and understanding of this very special holiday.

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