Tevye the Dairyman and the Railroad Stories by Sholem Aleichem

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Translated and with an introduction by Hillel Halkin

Of all the characters in modern Jewish fiction, the most beloved is Tevye, the compassionate, irrepressible, Bible-quoting dairyman from Anatevka, who has been immortalized in the writings of Sholem Aleichem and in acclaimed and award-winning theatrical and film adaptations.

And no Yiddish writer was more beloved than Tevye’s creator, Sholem Rabinovich (1859–1916), the “Jewish Mark Twain,” who wrote under the pen name of Sholem Aleichem. Beautifully translated by Hillel Halkin, here is Sholem Aleichem’s heartwarming and poignant account of Tevye and his daughters, together with the “Railroad Stories,” twenty-one tales that examine human nature and modernity as they are perceived by men and women riding the trains from shtetl to shtetl.

Paperback Book 1996

Table of Contents:

Tevye the Dairyman
Tevye Strikes It Rich
Tevye blows a Small Fortune
Today’s Children
Tevye Leaves for the Land of Israel

The Railroad Stories
To the Reader
The Happiest Man in All Kodny
Baranovich Station
Eighteen from Pereshchepena
The Man from Beunos Aires
The Slowpoke Express
The Miracle of Hoshana Rabbah
The Wedding that Came without Its Band
The Tallis Koton
A Game of Sixty-Six
High School
The Automatic Exemption
It Doesn’t Pay to Be Good
Burned Out
Hard Luck
Fated for Misfortune
Go Climb a Tree If You Don’t Like It
The Tenth Man
Third Class

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