Socalled: Peoplewatching

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Appearing at Yidstock 2022: The Festival of New Yiddish Music

Socalled’s Peoplewatching is an excellent, positive, invigorating, and fun enterprise of hip hop, soul, and funk that seems to hearken back to a classic, melodious, and optimistic beat of a bygone era. Socalled manages to create an alternate history of hip hop in everything he creates, mixing modern beats with antiquated technologies and forgotten vinyl to create a completely transformative and wholly original sound that smashes down the boundaries of genre.

In Peoplewatching, the heart of modern positivity beats with energetic rhythms that scream with humanity. On my first listen I was instantly transported, careening through the streets and passing the faces in sweet, sunny Montreal. The art and culture of Socalled’s Montreal and her people bleed through every track, and he has once again created a masterpiece of fun and surprises.


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