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Audio Book CD sets (please view available titles and ordering instructions below!)

Sami Rohr audio books feature the work of Sholem Asch, I.B. Singer, I.L. Peretz, Rachel Auerbach, Sholem Aleichem, and many other great writers from the Yiddish literary world.

Read by native Yiddish speakers, these CD sets originally ranged in price from $20 to $90. In an effort to make these rich and lasting stories more accessible to all we now offer them at the new price of $18 per set.

If you are fluent in Yiddish or have a friend or family member who is a Yiddish speaker these recorded books will provide many enjoyable hours of listening on trips or at home.

For Yiddish language learners the books give students a chance to practice their comprehension and listening skills.



The available titles are listed alphabetically by title below. Please email with the title(s) you wish to purchase. If you'd like more than one, please be sure to indicate the desired quantity on this order page before checking out and submitting payment. Thank you!

A shtetl by Isaac Meir Weissenberg
Arum vokzal by David Bergelson
Der knekht by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Der Tilim Yid by Sholem Asch
Dertseylungen by I.J. Singer
Dertseylungen by Abraham Reisen
Di brider Ashkenazi by I.J. Singer
Di ershte bagenish  by Bella Chagall
Di kliatshe by Mendele Moykher Sforim
Di mishpohe Karnovski by I.J. Singer
Dray matones un andere dertseylungen by I.L. Peretz
Folkstimlekhe geshikhtn by I.L. Peretz
Fun Kasrilevke by Sholem Aleichem
Geklibene dertseylungen by Sholem Aleichem
Gimpl Tam un andere dertseylungen by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Hasidish by I.L. Peretz
Kidesh hashem by Sholem Asch
Lakhn iz gezunt by Sholem Aleichem
Lekoved yontev by Sholem Aleichem
Mayn tatn's beys-din shtub by Isaac Bashevis Singer
Mayse-bukh fun mayn lebn / Mayn leksikon by Melekh Ravitch
Motl peysi dem khazns by Sholem Aleichem
Oyf di felder fun Treblinke by Rachel Auerbach
Oyfn zeydns felder by Isaac Metzker
Peterburg by Sholem Asch
Poyln: bk. 2, "Kinder yorn" by Yehiel Yeshiaa Trunk
Riva Yosl Buntsyes by Der Nister
Roman fun a ferd ganef by Joseph Opatoshu
Shtetl by Sholem Asch
Tevye der milkhiger by Sholem Aleichem
Ven Poyln iz gefaln by Joseph Opatoshu
Zelmenyaner by Moshe Kulbak


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