Polina Shepherd: Three Centuries Ago, Audio CD

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Polina Shepherd’s first solo CD (2015) brings us 10 new songs in Russian and Yiddish and – by popular demand appearing as a bonus track, one of the traditional prayer songs Avinu Malkenu. Accompanied by brilliant improvisers Rohan Kriwazcek on The Saddest Bagpipes in the World and Merlin Shepherd on saxophone, clarinet, bass and percussion.


1 Who?  פַאר װעמען זָאל איך שרַײען  folk / P. Shepherd Yiddish, Russian 2:49
2 Silver Birch Серебристая береза P. Shepherd Russian 3.17
3 Birch Tree בעריָאזקע  David Einhorn / P. Shepherd   Yiddish 3:57
4 You are my Heart  דו ביסט מַײן הַארץ   Folklore / P. Shepherd   Yiddish 3:28
5 Angel  Ангел P. Shepherd   Russian 3:43
6 The Silence didn’t last long  Недолго длилась тишина   P. Shepherd   Russian 2:08
7 Three Centuries Ago Три века назад   P. Shepherd  Russian 07:08
8 Enveloped by the Night   נַאכט בַאהויערט   Osher Shvartsman / P. Shepherd   Yiddish 3:26
9 Place me like a Seal  טו מיך ַארויף  Song of Solomon 8:6-7 traditional / P. Shepherd   Yiddish 5:01
10 Ay yay yay wordless   P. Shepherd   8:51

bonus 11 Our Father, our King  אֿבינו מלּכנו   traditional   Hebrew 4:18

 Total time: 48:02


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