Paper Bridges: Selected Poems Kadya Molodowsky, Translated and Edited by Kathryn Hellerstein


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Bilingual Yiddish/English text

Kadya Molodowsky (1894-1975) was among the most accomplished and prolific of modern Yiddish poets. Between 1927 and 1974, she published six major books of poetry, as well as fiction, plays, essays, and children's tales. Molodowsky participated in nearly every aspect of Yiddish literary culture that existed in her lifetime, first in Poland, where she lived until 1935, when she emigrated, and then in America.

Before her emigration, Molodowsky taught young children in the Yiddish schools of Warsaw. In New York, she supported herself by writing for the Yiddish press and founded a literary journal, Svive (Surroundings), which she edited for nearly thirty years. Briefly during the early 1950s, Molodowsky wrote and edited Yiddish publications in the new state of Israel. She returned there in 1971 to receive the Itzik Manger Prize, the most prestigious award in Yiddish letters.

Translator and editor Kathryn Hellerstein has taken on the challenge of presenting the breadth and scope of over 50 years of Molodowsky's published Yiddish poetry.

Paperback 1999

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