On 174th Street: The World of Willie Mittleman by Mel Weiser

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ON 174th STREET (The World of Willie Mittleman) presents the hilarious and always heart-warming experiences of an American family in the years of the Great Depression. Contrary to popular belief, everyone did not fall apart during the catastrophic 1930s. Life went on. Most families clung together and, in their love and closeness, met each day's challenges with imagination, humor and guts. Up in the Bronx, in New York City, little Willie and the Mittleman clan possessed these traits in abundance.

Yes, they struggled and worried: How could they keep food on the table, and a roof over their heads? Where should they look for work when, for them and 22,000,000 other Americans, there was no work to be found? Uncertainty filled every day and night. Nevertheless, they found reasons to laugh, and they tried to enjoy every moment of life. They joked, they celebrated, they sang, they danced... and they survived! ON 174th STREET (The World of Willie Mittleman) is a slice of Americana that will have you laughing all the way and admiring the amazing strength of the American spirit.

Paperback 2014

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