My Road to Remembrance: A Photographic Journey and History of Over 100 Holocaust Memorials from Auschwitz to New York by Fred Katz

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"So that we may never forget"

My Road to Remembrance presents a unique opportunity for readers to remember and honor those individuals who perished during the Holocaust. This book captures a great many of the memorials designed and erected to immortalize the lives taken, and it will inspire readers to consider human rights and history.

Fred Katz presents these memorials, which attempt to teach us what can happen when unbridled hatred is allowed to grow and go unchecked, with breathtaking photography as well as providing readers with directions to each memorial he includes. Katz reminds us that these memorials must be seen and understood. While this collection is not meant to be a complete history or survey of all Holocaust memorials, it is an attempt to capture as many as possible. My Road to Remembrance is an important book for everyone, especially the next generation, so that we may never forget.

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