Motl Peyse dem Khazns Yiddish Edition, Motl the Cantor's Son by Sholom Aleichem

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Edited by Sheva Zucker and Anne Gawenda

 A new version of Sholem Aleichem's classic Motl Peyse dem khazns, (Motl the Cantor’s Son) abridged and adapted for students with exercises, glossary.

The text consists of eight chapters, divided into smaller subchapters, many in slightly abridged and simplified form while still retaining the flavor of the original. Each subchapter has a glossary, and a cumulative glossary follows the text at the end of the reader. In addition, each subchapter is accompanied by exercises and many by illustrations drawn from the works of various artists. 

Designed to meet the needs of today's Yiddish students. Yiddish pedagogy at its best.

Paperback book 2018  

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