Matzah Man to the Rescue! by Eric Kimmel

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In this comedic graphic novel, Eric Kimmel delivers a light-hearted journey to spotlight Passover traditions from around the world.

It's Passover Eve, and Matzah Man is ready to answer the call. All across the world, families are preparing for their Seders, but oh no! There's an emergency! The cat has stolen the shank bone, Passover is ruined. Never fear, Matzah Man is here! Mice have nibbled away all the matzah. Never fear, Matzah Man is here! Everyone forgot to make the charoset. Never fear, Matzah Man... doesn't know how to make Moroccan charoset! Matzah Man needs to help this family, but sunset is soon approaching. He'll need to use his mighty powers, and perhaps get help from a familiar face, to get all the ingredients he needs and make it to the Seder in time.

ages 6-8


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