Lullabies and Longings, A Collection of New and Old Yiddish Songs by Myrna Rabinowitz

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‘Lullabies and Longings’ is a soulful collection of traditional as well as NEW, ORIGINAL Yiddish songs by Myrna Rabinowitz of Vancouver, Canada with beautiful vocals, violin, harp, piano, cello and guitar.

A singer/songwriter, Myrna has recorded Jewish music albums with Vancouver’s Jewish World Music Band TZIMMES and with SHIR HADASH. ‘Lullabies and Longings’, her 7th album and first solo album in Yiddish, conveys the tenderness and love that Myrna brings to the beloved language of her childhood.

The daughter of Holocaust survivors, Myrna grew up in a Yiddish speaking home in Montreal where she developed her love and appreciation for Yiddish music. Myrna has taught Yiddish to adults and children in Vancouver and has included Yiddish script, translation and transliteration in the CD booklet.

Original songs on the album include 3 lullabies for her grandchildren, 2 songs of tribute to her parents and music for Rokhl Korn’s poem ‘Fun Yener Zayt Lid’. Traditional songs include ‘Moyshele Mayn Fraynd’, ‘Mayn Rue-Platz’, ‘Friling’ and ‘Rozinkes Mit Mandlen’.

‘Lullabies and Longings’ has been described as “haunting and moving”, “enticing and poignant", and many have reported that it is 95% effective in helping their children fall asleep!

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