Kvetchy Boy by Anne-Marie Baila Asner

$ 6.95


Young readers age 3 to 10.

Grr, I'm Kvetchy Boy.  I'm always complaining: "The sun is too bright...my ice cream is melting."

Kvetchy Boy complains almost all the time and about almost everything. Even at his birthday party, Kvetchy Boy kvetches so much that his friends, Noshy Boy, Klutzy Boy and Shluffy Girl ignore him at school the next day. When Kvetchy Boy tells his Bubbe Kvelly, “My friends are mad at me. They say I complain too much,” Bubbe Kvelly suggests, “Many things are less than perfect, but if you kvetch all the time, people stop listening. Then when you have something important to complain about no one will help.” The next day, after Kvetchy Boy tells his friends he will stop kvetching about the little things, his friends play with him again.

Paperback 2006

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