Glass Plates of Lublin

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Glass Plates of Lublin is now available for purchase from our new international distributor Eurospan. If you are writing from Canada, Mexico, or the United States please order Glass Plates of Lublin directly from us.

Published by our own White Goat Press, the large-format, hardcover book includes hundreds of stunning photographs made from glass plates unearthed from a trash pile in a tenement house in a former Jewish section of Lublin, Poland. From the dirty and sometimes broken tiles emerge the faces of Jews and Poles, children and the elderly, young couples flirting, workers, athletes, dignitaries in tails, and anonymous people who posed for a camera long ago, before the war, and never dreamed that their portraits would be of interest to anyone. 

White Goat Press


White Goat Press

Hardcover, 2022

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