Frank London: Glass House Orchestra

$ 20


Appearing at Yidstock 2022: The Festival of New Yiddish Music

Astro-Hungarian folk punk is how bandleader and Grammy winner Frank London describes it, but it is also contemporary, at times postmodern and deconstructivist, at times archeological-conservationist – Glass House Orchestra is a supergroup of 8 established musicians with various backgrounds and countries who take on the wonderfully complext Jewish musical tradition of Hungary.

The outcome is in fact astral or stellar, and thus the label "Astro-Hungarian” is certainly not undeserved. Muzsikas are world music royalty. When they take the stage – and they have been taking the stage for four decades – an unparalleled dedication to skill and traditions shines through – interlaced with real outlaw mentality. This time, they take their Hungarian Jewish collection from Transylvania, unearthed through exacting research and years of fieldwork in the smallest of villages, and present the Maramaros material with outstanding singer Ágnes Herczku.


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