Elza of Prague by Mel Klein

$ 14


Written in the style of Bernard Malamud, the ten stories in this collection are distinctive and cover a wide range of human drama. They include: a nostalgic coming-of-age tale set in the '50s; a shoe store owner who saves an illegal alien to repay a family debt; a cynical politician with a dark secret; a wrongfully convicted boxer's comeback fight; a steamy story with two twists at the very end that change everything twice; a life in descent after the death of a child; an X-rated New York art show; a riches to rags story with an uplifting ending set in Silicon Valley; a hilarious short-short story of a man's plan to spite his overbearing mother in law; and the title piece, a tragic mysterious love story set in the midst of a revolution and a dramatic thirty year search for a lover lost in the roundup after the Prague Spring.

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