Eight Ballads by Vira Lozinksy

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Beautiful Yiddish ballads of the great authors and composers like Leibu Levin, Itsik Manger, Selma Meerbaum-Eisinger, Dovid Hofshtein, Dubi Seltzer, Nakhum Rapp, Shaul Berezovsky, H.Leivick, Emil Gorovets. Accompanied by the pianist Uri Brener.

Track List:

1. In Di Nekht, Mayne Nekht

2. Dos Lid Fun Der Goldener Pave

3. In Vinter Farnakhtn

4. Aleyn in Veg

5. Kum Tsu Geyn

6. Viglid Far Dir

7. Tayere Mayn

8. Leyg Dayn Kop Oyf Mayne Kni

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