Don't Ask Silly Questions by Katsha'nes

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Cockney-Yiddish music hall songs from the turn of the twentieth century: quirky, moving, edgy and comic songs that offer glimpses of an impoverished, energetic and conflicted community trying to acculturate to their new home without losing their identity.


1. Helo, helo!

2. Di brivelekh fun rusland

3. Gevalt police

4. Boer krig mit England

5. London hot zikh ibergekert

6. Freg keyn katshanes

7. Yeder sadie iz a leydi

8. London bay nakht

9. Lambeth Walk

10. Ikh zukh a dzhob

11. Slek taym

12. Azoy geyt dos gelt avek

13. Vos geyst nisht aheym sore-gitl?

14. Mazl

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