Der Payatz: Around the World with Yiddish Theater by Herman Yablokoff

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Herman Yablokoff was a master of his craft. He was an actor, singer, songwriter, playwright, director, and producer in a world that has virtually disappeared. In his autobiography, Yablokoff the showman stages a vivid recreation of his times. The result is breathtaking and captivating as Yablokoff, with genuine theatrical style, offers the story of his life. Originally published in Yiddish, Der Payatz was translated by Bella Mysell, Yablokoff’s wife and herself a star of the Yiddish stage. They were a popular team for many years. By the time Herman Yablokoff died the Yiddish culture in which he thrived had already largely vanished. But he leaves an enduring look at that culture. The master showman captures all the drama and excitement of the world in which he lived, giving us a riveting picture of a time that no longer exists.

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