Apikorsim - Heretics by the Klezmatics

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Appearing at Yidstock 2022: The Festival of New Yiddish Music

With their latest album, Apikorsim, The Klezmatics – world-renowned, GRAMMY-winning superstars of the klezmer universe – continue to redefine Yiddish music. Heretics, rebels and questioners, Apikorsim are people who challenge orthodox opinions. The Klezmatics are decidedly unorthodox. Their songs proclaim the rights of refugees and workers, sing ecstatically for a better world and mournfully for its losses. They alternately praise God and question the nature of his existence. Apikorsim is the first Klezmatics album with no special guests, session musicians or cross-genre collaborations. This is the sound of the band itself, a sound that has electrified audiences around the world for thirty years.


1. Der Geler Fink

2. Zol Shoyn Kumen di Geule

3. Der Yokh

4. Kermeshl in Ades

5. Di Nakht

6. Apikorsim

7. Three-Ring Sirba

8. Vi Lang?

9. Ver Firt di Ale Shifn?

10. Shushan Purim

11. Green Violin

12. Der Mames Shpigl

13. Tayer Yankele

14. Shtetl M.O.

15. Mazltov

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