A Night in the Old Marketplace by Frank London

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"A decadent-rich Klezmer-Cabaret backdrop that sounds like Kurt Weill and Bertolt Brecht deep in the bottle after an opium binge." - All About Jazz

Just dripping with incredible talent...sensations of misty murk and warring inner demons come through perfectly. It's man's arguments with himself, with others, with God, and with everyone all at once, all swirling and dancing together to little conclusion but great festivity." - Exclaim

Klezmer giant Frank London has teamed up with acclaimed lyricist Glen Berger to create twenty-one unique songs for Alexandra Aron's theatrical adaptation of this legendary 1907 Yiddish play by I.L. Peretz. The groundbreaking score mixes Jewish music, jazz, classical, rock, and world beats with a dose of Kurt Weill and Tom Waits.

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