A Gefilte Fishy Tale by Allison and Wayne Marks

$ 11.95


Funny rhymes and charming illustrations bring a family's pre-Shabbos predicament to life!

It’s Friday morning and, as usual, Bubbe Judy has brought home a giant jar of gefilte fish—her grandson Jack’s favorite dish—for the family’s Shabbos meal. But something is wrong: the lid is stuck. Oy! That’s when the excitement begins!

Bubbe, Zayde, and Jack—along with their dog, Butterscotch—
schlep (drag) the jar all over town, seeking assistance from a dentist, a bodybuilder, an inventor, and other friends. But no one can unscrew that lid. Such tsuris (grief)! When aunts, uncles, and cousins arrive for dinner, they try to help, too. Giggles and groans fill the air as everyone takes a turn.

Will that lid ever pop off? Find out in this humorous gefilte fishy tale, lightly sprinkled with Yiddish. More fun is inside with a recipe for delicious gefilte fish mini muffins, a new song for Shabbos, and a Yiddish-English glossary for the whole mishpocha (family)!

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