A Dreidel in Time: A New Spin on an Old Tale by Marcia Berneger

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Devorah and Benjamin are excited to open their Hanukkah present from Bubbe and Zayde, which turns out to be an ugly old dreidel. It's a big disappointment―until the dreidel transports them out of modern Los Angeles to join the ancient Maccabees!

Once they convince a suspicious Judah Maccabee and their new friends that they've arrived to help, they use what they know about the Hanukkah story from Hebrew school to aid the Maccabees in their battle against Antiochus. The kids know that the miracle of Hanukkah relies on finding the special oil for the Temple menorah, but where can it be?

Sweet little chapter book just 5 X 8" with illustrations.

Paperback book 2019

Readers: 5 to 10 years

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