A Day in Warsaw from the archives of The National Center for Jewish Film DVD

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Documentary Film/DVD

The lively Jewish neighborhoods of Warsaw, including Zamenhof Street and the commercial “beehive” Nalewki Street, were home to 400,000 Jews before World War II. A Day in Warsaw sets Warsaw’s modern multi-storied buildings and broad streets against its old market square and Jewish quarter. Trucks, trolleys, autos and buses meet horse-drawn carriages, pushcarts and porters in the bustling commercial district. Also shown are the Yiddish Theater, Gensza Cemetery and other Jewish institutions—the community council, hospitals, schools and synagogues. At film’s end, after Sabbath services, families pour into Krashinsky Park where children play and adults spiritedly debate the issues of the day.

1938, Poland, 10 minutes
B&W Yiddish with complete new English subtitles

Produced by Yitzhak Goskin | Text and Narration by Asher Lerner
Photography by V. Kazimierczak

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