Just Add Water: Eleanor Reissa and Di Boyess, Produced by Frank London

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Appearing at Yidstock 2022: The Festival of New Yiddish Music

Conceived in an old hotel room in the Catskill Mountains of New York, Eleanor Reissa and Di Boyess bring you classic Yiddish songs (and a little bit of Bob Dylan) with fresh, hot, and most of all, youthful energy and interpretation. Bringing the next generation into the world of klezmer.  They ain't your Bubba's klezmer (not that there's anything wrong with that!)

"Eleanor Reissa, the demure, traditional, world-class interpreter of the Great Yiddish Songbook, came out of the kosher closet during Kulturfest2016 and revealed herself as the sexiest Jewess since Delilah, singing minor key melodies with such sinuous body movements and enough verbal ardor to singlehandedly obliterate the century-old canard about Jewish females as frigid housekeepers, more fixated on the cleanliness of their two sets of dishes, pots and silverware than on the carnality of their climaxes."

Theater Pizzazz Magazine~


1. Hava Nagila (Hebrew folksong) 3:50

2. Shnirele Perele (folksong) 3:52

3. Her Nor Du Sheyn Meydale (folksong) 4:32

4. Rozinkes Mit Mandlen (A. Goldfaden) 3:16

5. In Der Finster (L. Fuld) 3:is

6. Forever Young (B. Dylan) 3:44

Di Boyess:

Aaron Blacksberg: accordion, piano, Hammond organ, vocals

Noah Guthman: tenor saxophone, vocals

Aaron Mayer: piano, percussion, ukelele, whistling, vocals

Zach Mayer: baritone saxophone, vocals

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