Eleanor Reissa: Going Home, Gems of Yiddish Song

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Appearing at Yidstock 2022: The Festival of New Yiddish Music

In music and theatre Eleanor Reissa has been on the forefront of keeping Yiddish alive and vibrating - from Tony Kushner’s invitation to read WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE in Yiddish at the star studded Celebration for Maurice Sendak, to revitalizing Yiddish theatre in NYC when she was artistic director of the Folksbiene. 

A Brooklyn-born daughter of Holocaust survivors, The New York Times said that Eleanor’s work as a “leading singer of Yiddish songs is a tribute to her family’s resilience.” These days she collaborates with exciting new bands as well as solo concerts.  The Los Angeles Times called her “A terrific stage presence with a sure sense of storytelling through song and dance, she has made Yiddish her mission. Sometimes she translated, often she didn’t -- there was no need.”

In discovering and presenting the gems of Jewish culture, Reissa has become one of its most precious ones!


1. Oy Mame, Bin Ich Farliebt

Abraham Ellstein

Arranger: P. Sokolow [3:51]

2. Shayn Bin Ich, Shayn (Folksong)

Arranger & Pianist: Z. Mlotek [1:59]

3. Yisrolik

Leyb Rozental, Misha Veksler - from "Bread and Candy"

Arranger: Frank London [2:10]

4. Reyzele

Mordecai Gebirtig

Arranger & Pianist: Z. Mlotek [3:12]

5. Yosi, Yosi

Nelli Casman/Samuel Steinberg - from "Those Were The Days" [1:26]

6. A Yiddishe Mame

Jack Yellen/Lew Pollack - from "Those Were The Days"

Arranger: Z. Mlotek [4:09]

7. Abi Gezunt

Molly Picom/ Abraham Ellstein

Musicians: Z. Mlotek, P. Sokolow, J. Ganz, K. Gross, A. Herman [2:20]

8. Medley:

Yankee Doodle Dandy  - George M. Cohen

Lebn Zol Columbus  - Arnold Perlmutter/Herman Wohl

Arranger: Frank London [2:27]

9. Vilna

L. Wolfson/Alexaznder Olshanetsky - from "Bread and Candy"

Arranger: Frank London [2:27]

10. Fraytik Oyf Der Nacht

Nokhem Strenheim

Musicians: Z. Mlotek, J. Ganz [3:26]

11. Transportation Medly

The Trolly Song  - Hugh Martin/Ralph Blane

Dos Lid Fun Ayznban  - S. Ginzburg, P. Marek/A. Idelsohn

Chattanooga Choo-Choo  - Mack Gordon/Harry Warren

Arranger: P. Sokolow [3:52]

12. Parnose Medley:

Vi Nemt Men Parnose?  - D. Meyerovitz

Brother Can You Spare A Dime? -  E.Y. Harburg/Jay Gorney

from "The Golden Land"

Arranger: Zalmen Mlotek

13. Di Saposhkelach

Folksong collected from Bronya Sakina - from "Those Were The Days"

Arranger: Zalmen Mlotek

14. Koyft A Tzaytung

Simche Schwartz - from "Those Were The Days"

Arranger: Zalmen Mlotek


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