Yiddish Thesaurus - Yiddish Verter Oitzer

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For over a thousand years, Yiddish has been a very dear part of Ashkenazi Jewish heritage. The language was passed on through the generations, crossing borders and continents, along with its unique charm, spice and wit, and a rather large helping of schmaltz. With its ability to produce a smile or tear by using but a few words, Yiddish has kept the Jewish people through suffering and joy, emotionally as well as spiritually. 

In “Yiddish Verter Oitzer: a collection of over 6,150 words and their synonyms” A. Roth endeavors to return the language to its former glory, by offering the new generation a taste of a nearly forgotten legacy. The lexicon is a virtual treasury of Yiddish words, terms and expressions, with an added section for basic grammar rules. Yiddish Verter Oitzer promises to enrich the personal vocabulary of its user, and serve as an important tool for Yiddish authors, teachers, speakers, and every lover of our dear Mamma Loshen.

Paperback 2019

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