Food, Family and Tradition: Hungarian Kosher Family Recipes and Rememberances by Lynn Kirsche Shapiro

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Review by Debbie Feder, Jewish Book Council

Food Family, and Tradition is so much more than a cookbook. It is many books in one. It is a family history, the history of Hungarian Kosher Foods; it is a book about Jewish food and Jewish holiday celebration.

This family’s story is compelling and inspir­ing. It is amazing to follow the family through multiple generations. Starting in Europe and moving to Chicago, this is an all too well-known Jewish story. Countless Jewish families will no doubt identify with this family’s story. The photographs, maps, etc. make the family’s story come alive.

The recipes are divided into ten chapters including appetizers, soups, fish dishes, poultry, meat, breads, etc. The photography of the food has a rustic old country feel which is quite appropriate for this book. The design of the book is a little busy, but the little recipe card shaped “extras” are really interesting and will have readers pouring over the pages of this book.

 Hardcover 2014

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